• Aquaman


    King of Atlantis. Really the only interesting thing about him.
  • Batman


    The World's Greatest Detective. Also the World's largest orphan.
  • Black Canary

    Black Canary

    She doesn't look black....
  • Blue Beetle

    Blue Beetle

    Pretty sure one of these hit my windshield this morning...
  • Booster Gold

    Booster Gold

    Superdouche to the rescue!
  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel

  • Cyborg


    Half man, half robot, ALL badass.
  • Doctor Fate

    Doctor Fate

    Never really quite sure what to think about him....
  • Green Arrow

    Green Arrow

    The Emerald Archer. Also, He's basically Robin Hood.
  • Hawkman


    You're a BIRD!!
  • Martian Manhunter

    Martian Manhunter

    The Jade Warrior and Mars' sole survivor.
  • Red Tornado

    Red Tornado

    We're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy... But Superman is!
  • Superman


    Reporter by day, Alien Boy Scout by... also day.
  • The Flash

    The Flash

    The Fastest Man Alive. HE GAVE HIMSELF IS OWN POWERS.
  • The Green Lantern

    The Green Lantern

    In Darkest Day, in Blackest night... Yes. His pants are really that tight.
  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman

    Amazon Warrior Queen. Also she's really moody. No seriously. Like REALLY moody.
  • Zatanna


    Abracadabra! Shazam! Wait....